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Supreme Court Preview 2015 Term (Video)

In early October 2015, my colleague Chris Schmidt and I participated in an hour-long Preview of the Supreme Court’s current 2015 Term that was sponsored by Chicago-Kent’s American Constitution Society.

Professor Schmidt provided an overview of the previous Term as well as brief comments on several of the cases pending in the current Term.

I spoke at some length about one particular case pending in the current Term, the Fisher affirmative action case now before the Court for the second time.

I am pleased to post a video of this Preview, and hope you find it of interest. Special thanks to Chicago-Kent’s Audio-Visual staff and its Public Relations staff, as well as to ACS.

You can find related posts by searching on my blog for “affirmative action” and “Fisher.”

Here it is:

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October 30, 2015 at 11:12 am

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