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All My Posts Through July 7, 2010

Since began in August 2009, and to this date, July 7, 2010, I have written thirty-four posts (including a video and podcast) on what I consider to be topics of interest and importance going beyond what might be considered “hot” at any particular time.

It occurs to me that it would be useful to readers, especially those who have only recently discovered this blog, to have a list of the thirty-four linked posts by category for ease of reference and use.

(It is also possible to use the “search” function to look for particular cases or topics among every one of my posts, including those subsequent to July 7, 2010).

What follows is a list comprising these thirty-four posts divided into the following four categories:



Section 1983 Supreme Court Decisions–2009: A Video Presentation

A Section 1983 Podcast: Damages and Procedural Defenses

A Section 1983 Primer (1): History, Purposes and Scope

A Section 1983 Primer (2): The Seminal Decision of Monroe v. Pape

A Section 1983 Primer (3): Constitutional States of Mind

A Section 1983 Primer (4): Causation and the Mt. Healthy Burden-Shift Rule

Iqbal and Section 1983 Supervisory Liability

My Position on Supervisory Liability after Iqbal

Van De Kamp and the Shift in Prosecutorial Immunity

Haywood v. Drown: Close Call for the Supremacy Clause?

Rethinking Section 1983 Malicious Prosecution

Qualified Immunity “Order of Battle” Modified

Preempting Section 1983 Constitutional Claims: Fitzgerald v. Barnstable School Comm.

Prosecutorial Immunity Revisited: The Pottawattamie County Case (UPDATED)

Justice Stevens and Section 1983

Certiorari Granted in Connick v. Thompson: A Prosecutorial Failure to Train Local Government Liability Case

Purdue v. Kenny A.: A New Supreme Court Attorney’s Fees Decision

Certiorari Granted in Skinner v. Switzer: Section 1983, Habeas and Heck


Marbury v. Madison: Some Additional Lessons

McCulloch v. Maryland: Exegesis and Constitutional Education

The Commerce Clause

The Dormant Commerce Clause

Brown v. Board of Education

Affirmative Action

The Equal Protection Clause and Fundamental Interests

Supreme Court Decisions, 2007-2008: A Video Presentation


Freedom of Speech (1): Three Rationales

Freedom of Speech (2): Content, Medium and Forum

Freedom of Speech (3): The Clear and Present Danger Years

Public Employee Free Speech: The New Regime

From Buckley to Citizens United (Part One of Two)

From Buckley to Citizens United (Part Two of Two)

The Religion Clauses: ‘Tis the Season


No Laptops in My Classroom: Part One

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